Jamesport City Council promotes city employee to Superintendent

Jamesport Missouri Website

The Jamesport City Council approved promoting a city employee Superintendent at a meeting Monday.

Trent Brewer was named for the position, which City Clerk Shelley Page says oversees street, water, sewer, utilities, and maintenance. He and Ray Bontrager were given a $1.00 per hour raise for sewer and water licensing. Brewer was given an additional raise of 50 cents per hour as superintendent.

Visitor Patricia Crook told the council the skirting had been installed on her trailer that had been in violation. She also talked about a nuisance dog belonging to her neighbors. Mayor Dana Urton advised Crook to contact Jamesport City Hall to help take steps to help control the problem.

Visitor Bill Coy talked about properties in town with abandoned vehicles and drones flying near his home. He was asked to leave after he became agitated. The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office was contacted to address the situation.