Jamesport City Council approves raising salaries of city employees, address nuisance properties

Jamesport Missouri Website

After a closed session on June 14, the Jamesport City Council voted to raise salaries of city employees by one dollar. The city will also take bids on the mowing of city properties.

Before the closed session, Mayor Dana Urton presented a list of properties that had been a problem last year and will again receive nuisance letters in an attempt to rectify the situation. The council discussed making the selection of properties that needed attention to be brought to the meetings, so a joint effort would be made towards cleaning up around Jamesport.

Visitor Chris Tustison told the council he has been working to clean up his father’s property on North Grant. Urton said if he was making progress and continued with clean-up, the city would stay out of it.

Resident Rick Shepherd discussed a problem he had with low water pressure in his home. City Council Member Geoff Eads said the city would check its side of the meter to try to find the problem.

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