Jamesport City Council accepts employee health insurance bid

Jamesport Missouri Website

The Jamesport City Council on October 11 accepted an offer from Blue Cross and Blue Shield for employee health insurance. This was after a discussion on the lack of options available.

City Clerk Shelley Page reports the insurance will cost $387.70 more in total per month than the previous plan for the two city employees. She says the previous plan was through Lifestyles/Medova originally, but Hawaiian Mainland Administrators took over the plan about halfway through the year to finish out the contract.

She explains Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the only company that offers health insurance for small cities.

The council voted to close Booth Street south of First Street. Visitor Ray Bontrager asked the city to close the street. He said it had never been open, but it had been platted.

City Council Member Brand Robb discussed some nuisance properties he wanted to be checked. Mayor Dana Urton suggested the council members help alert the city clerk of properties they felt needed to be reminded to clean up this fall.

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