Jamesport City Council accepts bid for property sale

Jamesport Missouri

The Jamesport City Council approved a bid for the sale of property at its meeting Tuesday evening.

The accepted bid was from Brandon Noffsinger of $8,000 for a Quonset hut building, with Mark Baker also submitting a bid of $6,000.

Two bids were received for the property known as the old fire station building: one from Owen Gingerich for $32,500 and one from Mark Baker for $21,500. The board tabled the sale of that property.

Bids will be taken on the 1995 Ford Ranger and white fiberglass truck bed topper from the 2006 short bed Silverado. Bids will be accepted at the Jamesport City Hall until the evening of November 13th at 5 o’clock.

After a closed session, the board voted to give City Clerk Shelley Page a raise of one dollar per hour and city employee Brett Matthews a raise of 50 cents per hour. Both raises are to begin immediately.

The board approved a motion to pay overtime in lieu of comp time to begin immediately. The motion included all current comp time being used by the end of the year.