Jamesport Board of Education approves lunch prices for next year

Jamesport Tri-County School

The Jamesport Tri-County Board of Education accepted several bids Monday evening.

A bid for bread was accepted from Graves, and a bid for milk was accepted from Anderson Erickson. Bookkeeper/Secretary Heather Turner reports the price varied on the bread and milk depending on the type.

Bids for fuel were accepted from Landes and MFA Oil. Turner says the bid from Landes was for 18.4 cents less than the pump price for gas and 24.4 cents less for diesel. The bid from MFA was for two dollars and one and a half cents for gas and two dollars eighteen and a half cents for diesel.

The board approved a bid from Marmic Fire and Safety to perform annual fire inspection services for $454. A bid from Miller Construction was also approved to perform guttering repairs.

The board moved to request bids for a $150,000 certificate of deposit that matures in August.

Lunch prices were approved for the next school year. Prices will stay the same at $1.85 for elementary school lunch, $2.10 for high school, and $2.50 for an adult.

A fundraising request for a slow pitch softball tournament was approved. The proceeds will go toward softball equipment, with no date set for the tournament.

The employee and student handbooks for next school year were approved as presented by the administration. A Missouri School Boards Association policy update was also approved.

The board set the tax rate hearing for the evening of August 22nd at 6 o’clock.