Jamesport approves assistant city clerk’s new pay rate

Jamesport City Council Meeting News Graphic
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The Jamesport City Council approved the assistant city clerk’s pay on February 12. The salary was set at $15 per hour. City Clerk Shelley Page mentioned that 2019 was the last time an assistant city clerk received payment, with the salary at that time being $8.60 per hour.

An advertisement for the assistant position was published in the newspaper.

The council will begin discussions on other employees’ salaries in May each year. These discussions will lead to a vote and approval of salaries before the budget meeting in June.

Mayor Dana Urton addressed the topic of the use tax. She expressed her intention to organize a town hall meeting before the April 2 election to elucidate the workings of the tax. It has been previously reported that the use tax would apply to online sales and match the current local sales tax of 1.5%, which is collected at city storefronts. Further details will be provided at a later date.

Council Member Rob Murphy raised concerns about nuisance properties, critiquing the effectiveness of the current approach to sending letters and the apparent lack of cleanup efforts. Other council members also voiced their perspectives on the matter.

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