Jamee Scearce chosen as NCMC “Outstanding Student” for August

Jamee Scearce
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Jamee Scearce from Gower, Missouri, has been selected as North Central Missouri College’s Outstanding Student for August. Jamee is an A+ student, receiving her Associate in Arts degree and Agriculture Business Certificate. After Jamee graduates from NCMC, she will be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia to complete her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business Management.

Jamee is President of Student Senate and Agriculture Club, State Reporter for Professional Agriculture Students, an Ambassador, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Shooting Sports, Student Support Services, Diversity Community, and Agriculture Future of America.

Jamee’s favorite class was Agriculture Economics with Mr. Jack Green. “I love learning about different practices of agriculture and how it all relates to business,” said Jamee. “This class opened my eyes to much more than agriculture though. It helped me gain new friendships and leadership opportunities here on NCMC Campus.”

When asked why Jamee chose NCMC she said, “The ag program is why I chose NCMC. I also wanted to utilize my A+. I came from a small high school and was not ready for a large university. With an ag program, A+, and small class sizes how could I go wrong.”

Jamee went on to say, “NCMC is not just a college, it is a home. The staff and faculty are so friendly. They will help you with anything from finding your class on Monday morning to helping you in your English class.” Jamee also said, “The library is my favorite spot on campus; I can go in there for anything. They will help me find a certain article or they can tell me an instructor’s office hours. In most libraries, I am afraid to talk, but our library is very relaxed.”

Each month, a student is nominated by a faculty or staff member to be featured as an Outstanding Student based on their dedication to educational success, attitude toward learning, and hard work in their field and activities.

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