Investigation in Chula results in summons for animal abuse and neglect

Animal Cruelty

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports an investigation into alleged animal cruelty and neglect led to a 32-year-old woman being issued two summonses.

The sheriff’s office began the investigation last week outside of a Chula residence with results revealing a dead dog inside a kennel, who is believed to have died after being attacked by a second dog in the kennel. There was no available food, except for a bag of unopened food lying inside.

The kennel was reportedly covered in feces, and the only water to drink was in a small swimming pool, dark colored, appeared stagnant, and had trash and other items floating in it.

The owner of the dogs was located, questioned, and issued a summons to appear in court for animal abuse and another summons for animal neglect.  The owner was released pending a court appearance and the dog who remained alive was helped and taken to a safe location. 

The subjects name was not released