Improvements announced for Galt’s water infrastructure this summer

Board of Aldermen news graphic
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The Galt Board of Aldermen reviewed a plan for water main replacements and improvements to the standpipe. Joshua Stewart, presenting the draft plan, expressed concerns about replacing the hydrant between North Beasley Road and Bingham and the hydrant at the Y entrance into Galt. A property title search has been completed. The plan involves a 20-foot easement on three lots. The city clerk will gather contact information for residents affected by the easement. It is noted that residents will not be displaced but will receive an easement brochure. A Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan was adopted by an alderman vote of three to none.

The project engineer aims to have bids out by summer. The standpipe improvement work will include valves, water meters, and marked hydrants. Standards and information crucial to the project will be incorporated into the paperwork, including details on paint specifications for the standpipe. The engineers plan to submit a request for a permit by mid-March or April.

To increase water pressure, pressure controls will be installed, and a water tank will help maintain pressure. A construction sequence will outline plans to ensure Galt residents experience minimal or no interruptions with water services. Water Main Replacements for Park Street and North Main will be detailed further once final plans are established. The line on North Main requires additional investigations for placing water meters and concrete for customers.

Preliminary results are in for the lead service line project. Further investigations are necessary to determine the year-built data of homes. Josh Stewart is examining plans to determine the age on the city side of the meter. The clerk is tasked with investigating what are considered 19 inactive customer accounts and will be drawing meters on a map to assist with investigations.

It was reported that a resident placed signs in the ditch to deter large trucks from driving in it. These will be removed in the spring when road work is undertaken. Alderman Lewis Berry stated he would speak to the resident. The clerk inquired about establishing a preferred truck route for large trucks making deliveries to the school and grocery store, though the council expressed concern over enforcement. The topic was tabled for later discussion.

The clerk reported an incident where a disgruntled customer, upset over a water shut-off due to a past-due bill, became increasingly agitated. The clerk, feeling uncomfortable, inquired about installing a camera system for safety when alone in the office. The council members expressed openness to pricing for a surveillance system.

Additionally, the clerk presented safety deposit box prices, with the largest box available for a yearly rental fee of $100. A preference was expressed for a deposit box or safe to secure deposits, hard drive backups, and historical documents. A USA-manufactured safe, four cubic feet, fire-resistant and water-resistant, priced at $899 and equipped with a keypad and keys, was approved for purchase.

The six-month budget review and ordinance at Galt was approved at last week’s meeting.

The next meeting of the Galt Board of Aldermen is scheduled for March 15 at 6 p.m.

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