House fully engulfed when Chillicothe firefighters arrive on scene at 112 Trenton Road

House Fire

The Chillicothe Fire Department reports a house caught fire before sunrise on Monday morning about 5:20 am at 112 Trenton Road near Danner Park.

The single-story, wood-frame house, believed to be vacant, was fully involved when firefighters arrived. A fire engine and ladder truck were connected to nearby hydrants with the ladder truck deploying an aerial stream. A defensive attack was used by firefighters who had hand lines. They were on the scene for two hours using approximately 15,000 gallons of water.

The fire was confined to the building and Lieutenant Rob Williams reported the origin and cause of the house fire is under investigation as there were no utilities in service at the time of the blaze.

Property owners were listed by the department as Kirby and Mary Vulgamott.