Hope Haven and Trenton Mayor seek feedback on recycling initiative

Recycle news graphic
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Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic and Hope Haven Industries are working to determine the interest of residents in a recycling program in Trenton for the upcoming year and whether they are willing to pay a fee for this service. A form has been created for Trenton Municipal Utility customers and will be included with their November bills. The form can also be found online at kttn.com on the news page.

Residents who want to continue with Hope Haven’s recycling pickup services in Trenton should complete the form and either drop it off at Trenton City Hall or send it via email to [email protected]. Alternatively, they can mail it to Hope Haven at 12 Herriman Street, Chillicothe, 64601.

The form specifies that an annual donation will be needed to participate in Trenton’s recycling program. The minimum fee, which should be paid in one lump sum, is set at $60. This amount covers the period from January to December 2024. The donation is tax-deductible due to Hope Haven’s non-profit status. The pickup schedule will be decided based on interest and financial support.

The form is available at this link in Microsoft Word format and at this link in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Hope Haven employs 40 individuals with special needs, working in various roles such as the recycling center, small parts assembly, or the pallet shop. The organization’s primary goal as a sheltered workshop is to provide safe and meaningful employment to those with developmental disabilities.

In two recent Trenton City Council meetings, a proposed contract with Hope Haven for residential recycling was not approved due to divided votes among the eight council members. The proposed contract would have imposed a monthly recycling fee on TMU bills for all households, regardless of their recycling practices. The existing contract with Hope Haven, which provides daily recycling routes in Trenton, will end this year.

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