“Honky Tonk” music show to be featured during Missouri Day Festival

Honky Tonk

Plans have been announced for a country music show and dance on the Saturday night of Missouri Day weekend in Trenton.

Promoters call it a “Honky Tonk” special the night of October 15th at the Red Barn venue on Iowa Boulevard of Trenton.

At least five performers are expected that night including Chad Adams of Chillicothe, a piano player who’s an original member of the “Chapter Four” band that originated in Trenton – previously called Chad and the Strangers. Another member of the “Chapter Four” band, John Green of Pattonsburg, will also be playing. Special guest include Renae Bozarth of Dawn known as the yodeling cowgirl; 22 year old Branden Allee of Chariton, Iowa who is an auctioneer in addition to being a singer; as well as a 15 year old girl: Marie Bailey – a student at Villisca in southwest Iowa who is described as seeking a music career.

$8.00 at the door is listed as the charge for the Missouri Day music show and dance from 7 o’clock until 10:30. The Red Barn is offering a buffet at 6 o’clock.

Assisting with the promotion of the October 15th event in Trenton is Lowell Anderson who can be contacted for other information at 660 654 4469.