Holiday Hoops at NCMC Ketcham Center kicks off Friday, December 16

Holiday Hoops Basketball

The 2016 schedule for High School Holiday Hoops has been announced with a total of 105 teams representing 58 Missouri and Iowa high schools ready to tip off in action.

A total of 73 games are on the schedule with all games to be played at the Ketcham Community Center on the campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton. Believed to be the largest high school holiday shoot-out in the state, teams are coming in from the St. Louis area, the Kansas City area, throughout north Missouri and even from the boot heel of Missouri and one team from Des Moines Iowa. Games begin on December 16th and conclude on December 31.

All games are a part of the participating high school’s regular season play and are not in a tournament format. Steve Maxey, Hoops Director says that coaches and school personnel appreciate the shoot-out format as schools do not have to wait and see who advances in a tournament to determine the next round of play. “All schools know in advance who they play, the date and time and during the very busy holiday season, this is important for planning,” says Maxey.

Admission to games is $3.00 for students (elementary through college) and $5.00 for adults with senior citizens (65 and over) admitted for $3.00. This cost is for an entire day of basketball, most days offering a total of 8 games for this price. Ketcham Community passes will not be accepted nor will MSTA memberships. In addition, all seats are available for viewing the games including the “red seats” that are normally reserved for NCMC games are now available on a first come-first served basis.

Maxey went on to say that during Holiday Hoops, are games are subject to change should weather become a factor and that should any games be cancelled, they will not be made up.

Scores will be posted each evening on the Holiday Hoops face book page with over two dozen radio stations and newspapers and television stations scheduled to be on the campus throughout the event for coverage. Several college scouts are also planning to attend looking for future college basketball players.

KTTN Radio has made this schedule available in PDF format so that you may easily print it out. You may download the schedule by clicking the orange link: 2016 Holiday Hoops Schedule.

2016 Holiday Hoops Schedule

Friday, December 16

5:30 Newtown-Harris vs. Southwest Livingston JV – Girls

7:00 Newtown-Harris vs. Southwest Livingston Varsity – Boys

8:30 St. Joseph Lafayette vs. Hillsboro -Girls

Saturday, December 17

12:00 Hillsboro vs. St. Joe Central – Girls

1:30 Green City vs. Winston – Girls

3:00 Green City vs. Winston – Boys

Monday, December 19 – Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri Day

4:30 Tri County vs. Bucklin-Macon Co – Girls

6:00 Tri County vs. Bucklin-Macon Co – Boys

7:30 Penney vs. Winston – Girls

9:00 St. Joseph Lafayette vs. Southwest Livingston – Girls

Tuesday, December 20 – North Central Missouri College Day

12:00 Paris vs. Pattonsburg – Girls

1:30 Paris vs. Pattonsburg – Boys

4:00 Adair County vs. Grundy R-5 – Boys

5:30 Adair County vs. Grundy R-5 – Girls

7:00 Green City vs. East Harrison – Boys

8:30 Green City vs. East Harrison – Girls

Wednesday, December 21 –

9:00 Keytesville vs. Gilman City – Girls

10:30 Keytesville vs. Gilman City – Boys

12:00 Braymer vs. La Plata – Girls

1:30 Braymer vs. LaPlata – Boys

4:00 Hardin-Central vs. Higbee – Girls

5:30 Hardin-Central vs. Higbee – Boys

7:00 Gallatin vs. Carrollton – Girls

8:30 Gallatin vs. Carrollton – Boys

Thursday, December 22 –

9:00 Bunker vs. Princeton – Girls

10:30 Bunker vs. Princeton – Boys

12:00 Cameron vs. Meadville – Girls

1:30 Cameron vs. Meadville – Boys

4:00 Maryville vs. Kirksville – Boys

5:30 Kirksville vs. St. Joseph Benton – Girls

7:00 Winston vs. St. Joseph LeBlond – Boys

8:30 Chillicothe vs. Des Moines North – Boys

Friday, December 23 – Century 21 Day

10:30 Newtown-Harris vs. Norborne – Boys

12:00 Newtown-Harris vs. Norborne – Girls

1:30 Maryville vs. Trenton – Boys

4:00 South Harrison vs. Southwest Livingston – Girls

5:30 South Harrison vs. Savannah – Boys

7:00 Lathrop vs. Savannah – Girls

8:30 North Mercer vs. St. Joseph Central – Girls


Tuesday, December 27 –

9:00 Princeton vs. Norborne – Boys

10:30 Princeton vs. Norborne – Girls

12:00 Polo vs. King City – Boys

1:30 Polo vs. King City – Girls

4:00 North Andrew vs. LaPlata – Boys

5:30 North Andrew vs. LaPlata – Girls

7:00 Grain Valley vs. Penney – Boys

8:30 Grain Valley vs. Chillicothe – Girls

Wednesday, December 28 – Barnes- Baker Day

9:00 Gilman City vs. Hale – Boys

10:30 Gilman City vs. Hale – Girls

12:00 O’Hara vs. Odessa – Boys

1:30 O’Hara vs. Odessa – Girls

4:00 Lexington vs. Lathrop – Boys

5:30 Lexington vs. Warrensburg – Girls

7:00 Trenton vs. Smithville – Girls

8:30 Savannah vs. Kirksville – Boys

Thursday, December 29 – Trenton Rotary Club Day

9:00 Warrensburg vs. Smithville – Girls

10:30 O’Hara vs. Kirksville – Girls

12:00 Milan vs. South Holt – Boys

1:30 Milan vs. South Holt – Girls

4:00 Marshall vs. Richmond – Boys

5:30 Marshall vs. Richmond – Girls

7:00 Rock Port vs. North Mercer – Boys

8:30 Summit Christian vs. North Mercer – Girls

Friday, December 30 – Military Appreciation Day

9:00 Southwest Livingston vs. Rock Port – Boys

10:30 Polo vs. South Holt – Girls

12:00 Polo vs. South Holt – Boys

1:30 Summit Christian vs. Kirksville – Girls

4:00 North Harrison vs. Hardin Central – Boys

5:30 North Harrison vs. Hardin Central – Girls

7:00 Lawson vs. Lexington – Boys

8:30 Lawson vs Lexington – Girls

Saturday, December 31 –

11:00 Santa Fe vs. Penney – Girls

12:30 Santa Fe vs. North Mercer – Boys