Historic Downtown Walking Tour in Chillicothe includes 23 buildings

The Livingston County Library, in partnership with Main Street Chillicothe, the Grand River Museum, and the Livingston County Preservation Society, has created a Downtown Historic Walking Tour that currently includes 23 buildings.

QR Code of Walking Tour
Scan the QR code to begin the tour

Each building on the tour has been assigned an individual QR code that can be placed in a window for public access. Anyone walking by can scan the building’s unique code with their phone or other devices to hop onto the tour from that location or just find information on that particular building. The full tour starts at the Ben Bolt, runs south through the Arts District, and ends at the Chamber of Commerce. You can also take a virtual tour by clicking THIS LINK or scan the QR code in this article.

Information on the tour varies, but generally includes ads, maps, pictures, and information on owners and businesses that used the building over time, starting from the present and working backward.

There are plans to add buildings to the tour as time allows. If you have information to add, please contact Kirsten at 660-646-0547, kirsten@livingstoncountylibrary.org, or you can leave a comment through the tour. We hope you will enjoy your stroll through downtown!

This is an endorsed Missouri 2021 Bicentennial project. Missouri 2021 is an initiative of The State Historical Society of Missouri and its Center for Missouri Studies.