High winds caused power outages in Trenton

Power Outage

High winds contributed to power outages throughout Trenton Thursday morning, February 4th.

Trenton City Administrator/Utility Director Ron Urton reports Trenton Municipal Utilities started receiving phone calls about lights blinking around 10:15. He explains the blinking was caused by high winds whipping power lines together, especially near the lake and along 28th Street where there is open space for the wind to blow the strongest.

Outages started about 10:30 as safety breakers started to trip and stay open. TMU crews worked to isolate the lines along the lake.

Urton notes high winds caused a line break, which caused an outage for the area around Rissler Elementary School, the courthouse, and the south end of town. The outages also involved the law enforcement center and Plaza Apartments. Crews repaired the line, and power was restored to everyone about noon.