Heat tape on water pipes send Chillicothe firefighters to Paul Street

House Fire

A house fire Monday morning sent Chillicothe firefighters to the home of Amiee Simmons at 425 Paul Street. The home is owned by Rich Tieme but rented out.

Just after 8 o’clock this morning, Chillicothe police officers confirmed flames were seen at the back of the Paul Street residence. Upon arrival, firefighters reported heavy smoke coming from the back door area of the house. A fire engine connected to a hydrant relayed water to a second engine which had already started to extinguish the blaze. Entry was made into the house, and it was determined nobody was inside.

According to Fire Captain Tracy Bradley, firefighters removed the siding, insulation, and skirting from the house to locate the origin of the fire. The report noted heat tape had been placed around the water lines after the pipes had frozen and was still plugged into two extension cords which had apparently shorted out.

Firefighters advised having a certified electrician repair the wiring before Chillicothe Municipal Utilities would reconnect the power to the residence.