Health “needs assessment” underway by health department

Grundy County Health Department is conducting a survey about health needs of citizens. It’s called a “needs assessment.”

The last time such a survey was conducted in Grundy County was 2005.

Letters arrived this week in the mail. A copy of the survey is available on the website,  or through a link on their facebook page, or obtained from the office at 1716 Lincoln in Trenton.

It’s requested that the questionnaire be completed and returned by the newly extended deadline of November 30.

A postage paid business reply envelope was provided to allow persons returning the survey to remain anonymous.

Questions ask respondents to rate the importance of several lifestyle health risks; specific diseases/ health problems; and various environmental health issues.

Concerning smoking, there’s a question seeking opinions on whether a law should be enacted to prohibit smoking in all indoor workplaces, including the restaurants and bars. Another asks the same question regarding the responders’ level of support for smoke-free public spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and youth sporting events. There’s a question as to whether the respondent agrees or disagrees with the statement that “breathing in someone else’s cigarette smoke is harmful” to your health. Another asks whether the respondent avoids going to certain restaurants that do allow smoking.

(story has been updated to show the November 30th extension on returning questionnaire)