Hawley pushes Biden Administration to explain what he calls “Concierge Service for Illegals”

CBP One Application

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanding answers on the Department’s new CBP One app.

The government recently added a scheduling function to CBP One, enabling asylum applicants to get time reserved to cross the border. It was seen as a way to thin the crowds at border posts, increase migrant safety and expedite requests.

“Under your leadership, the Department is marketing a new phone app, called CBP One, that allows unauthorized migrants to reserve a time to cross the border, like making a restaurant reservation. How convenient,” wrote Senator Hawley.

He continued, “I imagine there are plenty of Americans who would appreciate this level of service from their government. Your choice to spend untold sums of taxpayer money—you said you had no idea what it cost—on concierge service for illegals is baffling. It is also revealing. It demonstrates your priorities: open borders, no matter the cost to Americans; no matter the jobs lost, the wages lost, the drugs flooding our schools.”

Senator Hawley posed several questions for Secretary Mayorkas about the app, including whether it is a national security risk and how many individuals are projected to use it in the weeks ahead.

Earlier this week, Senator Hawley questioned Secretary Mayorkas on the CBP One app in a Senate Judiciary hearing.

Read the full letter by clicking or tapping this link.