Hawley calls on state department to provide additional travel assistance for Americans in Israel

War in Israel news graphic

U.S. Senator Hawley (R-Mo.) sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling for additional travel assistance and updated guidance for Americans seeking to return home from Israel.

Senator Hawley’s office is working with constituents in the region who wish to return to the United States, and anyone who needs assistance can call our office at (314) 354-7060.

“Following the barbaric terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas, my office has received multiple reports of Missourians in Israel who are seeking to leave the region but are struggling to find transportation out of the country,” wrote Senator Hawley. “With the growing number of commercial airlines canceling flights out of Israel, I urge you to consider additional U.S government-facilitated transport options for Americans attempting to return home.”

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