Harrison County Health Officer Courtney Cross issues face mask order

Mask Mandate News Graphic

The Harrison County Health Department and Harrison County Health Officer Courtney Cross have issued a public health order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The order involves all persons at least two years old wearing a face covering or mask any time they are or will be in contact with others who are not household members. It will be in effect starting December 17th and going for 60 days.

The order says facilities and businesses that are open to the public should post a sign at all entrances that face-coverings or masks are required to be worn inside. Harrison County schools should also implement a mask mandate policy.

Violation of the order is in violation of a Missouri statute (RSMO 192.300 (4)) involving counties making additional health rules.

The full text of the order is available on the Harrison County Health Department’s website, or by CLICKING HERE (document will open in a new window/browser).

Cross says Harrison County has “reached a critical point,” and its “positivity rate remains extremely high meaning there remains a high level of transmission” of COVID-19. She reports the local hospital and regional hospitals are near their maximum capacity.

The Harrison County Health Department reported the evening of December 14th three more COVID-19-related deaths, which brought the count to 11. There are 559 confirmed cases and 95 probable cases. Thirty-eight of the confirmed cases are active, and 12 of the probable cases are active.