Harrison County Health Department receives 350 doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Close up hand holding COVID-19 vaccine

The Harrison County Health Department has obtained about 350 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. It has followed the governor’s vaccination plan, prioritizing vaccine for Phase 1A, Phase 1B Tier 1, and Phase 1B Tier 2, and been giving vaccine throughout the week to individuals in those phases.

The health department reports it started a waiting list last month, but it has had more than 500 calls in the last two weeks. It will no longer add anyone to a list, as the list is said to be “no longer manageable to maintain.”

The office is working on a registration process for the vaccine as more becomes available, and clinics are scheduled.

The state of Missouri is deploying National Guard teams to nine regions of the state. The teams will help local public health with clinics. The health department is working as part of a regional implementation team for the events and will share registration information when it becomes available.