Harrison County #1 in harvest numbers in Green Hills region

Deer hunting season has come to an end across Missouri. Statewide, the number of deer killed is down about ten thousand when compared with the 2015-16 deer season.

The department of conservation reports nearly 264,000 were killed during the 2016-17 season.

The most occurred in Franklin county which had nearly 5,300. Howell was next in the total with more than 5,200.

Closer to home, the number of deer killed topped two thousand in six counties.

Harrison County led the Green Hills Region at 2,743.

Next were Sullivan county at nearly 2,600, Linn County with more thanĀ 2,500 and Putnam county topped 2,400 deer. Both Mercer and Daviess counties topped 2,100.

Others within the Green Hills include Livingston County at 1,578 deer, Grundy County with 1,537 and Caldwell topped 1,100 deer.

The deer hunting numbers represent all seasons which includes those taken via firearms, archery, and alternative methods. The figures are combined to include antler bucks, button bucks and does.