Hamilton resident hurt in Highway 65 crash in Carroll County

Crash and accident graphic

KTTN wishes to make a correction in our script on the injury accident Tuesday night at Route U and Highway 65 in northern Carroll County.

A car driven by 46-year-old Deidre May Johnson of Hamilton was stopped on 65 to allow another vehicle to make a turn. Her car was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by 32-year-old Christopher Winfrey of Carrollton.

KTTN extends our regrets for having the vehicles reversed in our story.  Ms. May-Johnson was taken to the hospital in Carrollton for treatment.

A resident of Hamilton was injured when two cars collided early Tuesday evening on U. S. Highway 65 in northern Carroll County.

The highway patrol reports 46-year-old Deidre May-Johnson received minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to the Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

The Winfrey car was demolished and the vehicle driven by Deidre May-Johnson had moderate damage. Both drivers were using seat belts.