Hamilton man charged with statutory rape pleads “Not Guilty”

Not Guilty Plea

A Hamilton man charged with felony accessory, statutory rape, second degree relating to an alleged sexual assault of a teen waived formal arraignment and entered a plea of not guilty in Division One of Caldwell County Circuit Court on Monday.

Online court information shows 24-year-old Clay Tyler Dunlap’s case was continued to December 2, 2019.

It was previously reported court documents say he told 24-year-old Miranda Jane Millikan of Hamilton a minor was attracted to her, she told Dunlap to invite the person to her house, the person told the couple he was 16 years old, Dunlap and Millikan disregarded the person’s age, and Millikan had sexual contact with the minor.

Millikan has been charged with felony statutory rape, second degree, and she is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on November 21, 2019.