Guilty pleas lead to probation in four Grundy County court cases

Division One of Circuit Court News Graphic
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Four defendants entered guilty pleas in Grundy County Circuit Court, each receiving probation in Division One Court under Presiding Judge Steve Hudson.

Jesse Matthew Harding of Trenton was sentenced to five years with the Department of Corrections after admitting to driving with a revoked or suspended license on November 3rd. The execution of the sentence was suspended, and Harding was placed on five years supervised probation. He must enter the Healing House within a month, complete its program, and pay $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund.

Gary Lee Riddle of Kansas City faced two felonies and two misdemeanors from an April 18th arrest. Riddle received four-year terms for driving with a revoked or suspended license and resisting arrest by fleeing, creating a substantial risk to others. Sentences are consecutive, but execution was suspended in favor of five years of supervised probation. For the misdemeanors, Riddle served 15 days in county jail, with other counts dismissed.

Brett Michael Woolsey of Trenton pleaded guilty to March 1st charges of fraudulent use of a credit or debit device and felony stealing. He was sentenced to three years for each charge, to be served consecutively. The execution was suspended, and Woolsey was placed on five-year supervised probation, requiring him to enter vocational rehab, pay $1,410 restitution, and contribute $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund.

Adam D. Davidson of Laredo, facing two misdemeanor counts of non-support from January and April 2023, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, avoiding a January 30th jury trial. Sentencing was suspended, and Davidson was placed on two years probation, with an order to pay $807 per month in support.

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