Grundy R-5 High School holds award assembly; Students of the Quarter named

Grundy R-5 School

Grundy R-V High School held their Award Assembly on May 17th with  Randy Huffman, high school principal, presenting Perfect Attendance Awards for the year to the following four students Weston Carver, Logan Foster, Aiden Gann, & Nicholas Mann-Smiley

The Principal’s Award was presented to Macy Saul.

The Kansas City Royals offers a Royals Honors Program, which allowed our school to choose ten students based on attendance, academics, contribution to school, service, and citizenship. These students were provided with two complimentary ticket vouchers to be guest of the Royals at their choice of one of the two Royal Honors Days. Chosen were Ellen Baxter, Logan Foster, Ada Fox, Tracer Golden, Rylee Johnson, Grace Larson, Cooper Lewis, Macy Saul, Robert Urich & Tanner Williams

2018 Map Awards were also presented for scoring Proficient or Advanced on spring 2018

MAP & EOC exams to the following students:


Communications Arts: Corbin Axtell, Cooper Coffman, Slade Hill, Seanacie Ireland, Cole Peterson, Aidan Rains, Daya Allnutt, Austin Blair, Briana Carpio, & Aubrey Gann

Mathematics: Raegen Griswold, Slade Hill, Seanacie Ireland, Molly Milazzo, Aidan Rains, Daya Allnutt, Tracer Golden, Ellen Baxter, Briana Carpio, Aubrey Gann, Anna Milazzo, Jandie Peterson, & Parker Christy

Government: Ellen Baxter, Anna Milazzo, Jandie Peterson, Mayce Axtell, Lucas Brill, Ada Fox, & Rylee Johnson


Communications Arts: Raegen Griswold, Nicholas Mann-Smiley, Molly Milazzo, Carly Smith, Layton Stonger, Fletcher Christy, Tracer Golden, Ellen Baxter, Anna Milazzo, Jandie Peterson, Robert Urich, & Tanner Williams

Mathematics: Corbin Axtell, Nicholas Mann-Smiley, Carly Smith, Layton Stonger, Cole Peterson, Fletcher Christy, Parker Christy, Anna Milazzo, & Cooper Lewis

Government: Robert Urich, Tanner Williams, & Cooper Lewis


Mr. Bunnell, Physical Education, Health, & Science Instructor presented awards to the top students:

7th Grade Science Layton Stonger

7th Grade P.E./Health Corbin Axtell

8th Grade Science Cole Peterson

8th Grade P.E./Health Aidan Rains

High School Health Kendra Betz

High School Phy Ed Alissa Webb

Physical Science Logan Foster


Mrs Trisha Sharp, Art Instructor presented the following awards:

Junior High Artist of the Year: 7th Grade –Nicholas Mann-Smiley

8th Grade – Skylar Bonnett

High School Artist of the Year: Taylor Brunelle

Most Valuable Artists: Emily Spears & Kaitlyn Wilson

Most Improved in Drawing: Alex Littleton & Daya Allnutt

Most Improved in Painting: Ada Fox & Felisha Anderson

Future Professional Artist:: Abigail Mathews & Aubrey Gann

Most Improved Artist: Kendra Betz & Alissa Webb



Mrs. Amy Axtell, Business instructor presented Certificates of Excellence to the following students:


Computer Applications 2nd Period

Daya Allnutt Caden Gann

Emma Baxter Tracer Golden

Fletcher Christy Abigail Mathews

Logan Foster Anna Milazzo

Aiden Gann Abby Webb

Computer Applications 4th Period

Weston Carver

Parker Christy

Ada Fox

Rylee Johnson

Grace Larson 

Cooper Lewis

Macy Saul

Emily Spears 


Morgan Axtell

Emma Baxter

Alissa Webb

Tanner Williams

8th Grade Computers

Skylar Bonnett

Cole Peterson

Aidan Rains

7th Grade Computers & Careers

Corbin Axtell

Seanacie Ireland

Molly MIlazzo

Carly Griswold 

Future Business Leaders of America 

Award for advancing to State

Mayce Axtell

Morgan Axtell

Emma Baxter

Parker Christy

Rylee Johnson

Cooper Lewis

Tanner Williams 


Senior High Quiz Bowl Participants were presented Award Pins by Mr. Bob Shipley to:

Anna Milazzo, Robert Urich, Mayce Axtell, Taylor Brunelle, & Kendra Betz

HDC Sr High First Team All-Conference – Robert Urich


Mr. Dixon Munday, Language Arts Instructor, presented awards to the top students in each class:

Great Books 1. Kyle Bower 2. Caleb Brazel

English 101 1. Robert Urich 2. Jandie Peterson

English 102 1. Tanner Williams 2. Robert Urich

Folklore 1. Lucas Brill

Mythology 1. Lucas Brill 2. Kaitlyn Wilson

ACT Prep 1. Briana Carpio 2. Haven Sharp

Creative Writing 1. Austin Blair 2. Lane Kenley

American Literature 1. Alec Littleton 2. Caleb Brazel

College Speech 1. Emma Baxter 2. Mayce Axtell

World Literature 1. Tanner Williams 2. Emma Baxter


Mrs. Courtney’s Awards, English Instructor, presented the following awards:

7th Reading

  1. Layton Stonger
  2. (tie) Raegen Griswold

Carly Smith

7th Lang. Arts

  1. Layton Stonger
  2. (tie) Raegen Griswold and Carly Smith

7th Grade Study Skills

  1. Raegen Griswold
  2. Carly Smith

8th Reading

  1. Cole Peterson
  2. Skylar Bonnett

8th Lang. Arts

  1. Aidan Rains
  2. Skylar Bonnett

8th Grade Study Skills

  1. Aidan Rains
  2. Skylar Bonnett

Lang. Arts I

  1. Fletcher Christy
  2. Logan Foster

Lang. Arts II

  1. Cooper Lewis
  2. Rylee Johnson

Applied Communications

  1. Ellen Baxter

  2. Jandie Peterson


Mrs. Jessica Webb, Cheer Coach, presented the following awards:

Receiving High School Cheerleading Letters or Bars were Emma Baxter, Taylor Brunelle, Aubrey Gann, Rylee Johnson, Grace Larson, Abigail Mathews, Dorothy

Mathews, Anna Milazzo, Macy Saul, Abby Webb, & Alissa Webb


Girls Softball Coach Tiffany Carver presented letters, bars, & patches to the Girls Softball team members and All-Conference & All-District Certificates were presented to Anna Milazzo.

Baseball Coach Ethan Bunnell presented letters, bars & patches to the Baseball team.

Jr High Basketball Coaches Ethan Bunnell & Leetta Fordyce presented letters, bars, & patches to the Jr High Boys & Girls Basketball teams

High School Basketball Coaches Steve Wells & Leetta Fordyce presented letters, bars, & patches to the Boys & Girls High School basketball teams.

Certificates & Patches were presented to:

Morgan Axtell – All Conference 1st Team, All District, All Northwest Area Media Team

Aubrey Gann – All Conference 2nd Team

Caden Gann – All Conference 2nd Team & All District

Cooper Lewis – Honorable Mention

Lions All-Star Award was presented to: Morgan Axtell & Wayne Baxter


Track Coach Jessica Parsons recognized Jr & Sr High Boys & Girls Track Teams.


Skylar Bonnett, Molly Milazzo, Slade Hill, Corbin Axtell, Cooper Coffman, Aidan Rains, Cole Peterson, Daya Allnutt, Ada Fox, Abigail Mathews, Grace Larson, Aubrey Gann, Emma Baxter, Mayce Axtell, Parker Christy, Cooper Lewis, Caden Gann, Aidan Gann, Wayne Baxter, Weston Carver, Fletcher Christy, and Logan Foster

All-Conference: Winning the Event

Skylar Bonnett: 800 m

Abigail Mathews: 100 m

Wayne Baxter: Triple Jump & long jump

Aubrey Gann: 800m

Cole Peterson: 100 m Hurdles

Jr High 4×100 Relay: Aidan Rains, Corbin Axtell, Cole Peterson, & Cooper Coffman

Corbin Axtell: Discus

All-District/Sectional Qualifier:

Wayne Baxter: Triple Jump

Most Valuable Manager:

Morgan Axtell

Bri Carpio

High Point Award:

Jr. High Girl: Skylar Bonnett – 124 pts

Jr. High Boy: Cole Peterson – 122 pts

High School Girl: Aubrey Gann – 101 pts

High School Boy: Wayne Baxter 107 pts