Grundy R-5 early out for parent-teacher conferences, board of ed approves bid

school board meeting

The Grundy R-5 Board of Education has received a request from a representative of the parent-teacher organization to complete fencing around the playground at the elementary building and to purchase a sign for the highway side of the elementary building.

An investigation is to be made about seeking a grant for the expenses.

The board discussed maintenance projects, including a sidewalk to the agriculture shop building and an additional heater for the old gymnasium at the school in Galt.

The board reviewed estimates for replacing the telephone systems at the schools in Galt and Humphreys but decided to wait until sometime in the future for replacements.

A bid was approved for auditing services for the current school year with a cost of $4,950 from Conrad and Higgins.

Classes will be dismissed early today in the Grundy R-5 district because of parent-teacher conferences. Dismissal times are 11:30 at the school in Galt and 11:40 at the elementary building in Humphreys with conferences from 1 until 6 o’clock.

No school will be held Friday at Grundy R-5.