Grundy R-5 Board of Education sets graduation date, approves paying for flu shots

Grundy R-5 School

The Grundy County R-5 Board of Education on September 13th approved paying for seasonal flu shots and set the graduation date.

The district will pay for flu shots for all staff members who wish to participate. The cost will be $18 per staff member. Graduation is scheduled for May 21st, 2022. The fifth-grade graduation will be at 10 o’clock in the morning, and the seniors will graduate at 2 o’clock.

Building improvements were approved for the elementary school. Superintendent Phillip Fox reports the maintenance includes cleaning and repairing the stone on the east side of the gym and sealing at an estimated cost of $6,100, tuckpointing and repairing the north wall at $8,700, cleaning and sealing the deteriorating corner of the gym, and sealing the north wall of the gym at $6,400, and sealing the metal-stone joint termination on the west wall, cleaning the bricks, removing a light fixture, and sealing the entire wall at $5,700. Other maintenance at the elementary school includes replacing the J-trim on the north wall windows at an estimated cost of $2,000 and covering all windows with foam and a stucco system at $3,400. Fox notes there is a significant need to repair and seal these walls and windows due to age and deterioration.

The board appointed Lydia Schiflett as the homeless coordinator and liaison and Jennifer Dryer as the foster care point of contact.

Policies were approved, which included the Homeless Dispute Resolution, Transportation Procedures for Foster Care Students, the Dispute Resolution Procedures for Foster Care, and Every Student Succeeds Act Complaint Procedures.

Final approval was given to all bus routes for the year.  The board discussed making all employees essential but the matter was tabled for future consideration.

After a closed session, it was announced the board accepted the resignation of Junior High Basketball Coach Whitley Richman. Samantha Miller was hired as the junior high basketball coach.