Grundy R-5 Board of Education approves numerous bids

Grundy County R-5 School District website

The Grundy County R-5 Board of Education approved multiple bids on May 17th.

A bid was approved for propane from MFA for $1.80 per gallon. It was the only bid submitted. MFA’s diesel bid was also approved for $4.27 per gallon. The bid price is subject to change based on the daily pump price.

A bid was approved for bread from Galt Hometown Grocery. Different items cost different prices. A milk bid was approved from Prairie Farms. It included one percent chocolate at 36.62 cents, one percent white at 33.73 cents, two percent white at 34.79 cents, and skim milk at 32.21 cents.

The board reviewed banking bids from four banks in Trenton. The bid from Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri was accepted. The bid included various services. Bids were also received from Citizens Bank and Trust, Farmers State Bank, and BTC Bank.

The board approved a bus mechanic agreement with the Princeton School District. Grundy R-5 will pay $12,600 per year for mechanic work and maintenance of buses.

The board discussed the state-sponsored voluntary salary grant program to raise pay for teachers to $38,000 on the salary schedule. The matter was tabled.

An option was reviewed for using an outside company to prepare the gym floor for next year. The administration was directed to find alternative options and report at the next meeting.

The board heard a report on an Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief 3 grant Grundy R-5 is receiving to pay for summer school. Summer school plans were reviewed for high school students. Summer school is from May 23rd to June 2nd.

After a closed session, it was announced the board accepted the retirement of Bus Driver Darrel Cunningham after 54 years of service to Grundy R-5. Art Teacher Trisha Sharp’s resignation was accepted.

Contracts were offered for next school year. They included Mary Cypert for kindergarten, Janette Hudson as elementary secretary, Teddy Leffler as high school janitor, Kristi Weldon for elementary art and music as well as high school art, Karla Lowrey as a part-time fifth-grade teacher, Alesia Campbell as a part-time middle school math instructor, and Taylor Jarman for part-time special education and part-time library.

An extra duty contract was offered to Jerry Kiger for Junior Stand.

The next regular Grundy R-5 Board of Education meeting will be in the high school business room on June 14th at 6 o’clock in the evening. The end-of-fiscal year board meeting is scheduled for June 29th at 6 o’clock in the evening.