Grundy, Livingston and Harrison counties continue to see increase in COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus Update

The Grundy County Health Department announces three new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 166. One hundred thirty-nine have been confirmed, and 27 are probable. Forty-eight cases are active. Two COVID-19-related deaths have been reported in Grundy County.

The Livingston County Health Center reports it received notification of eight additional cases of positive COVID-19, which brings the cumulative total to 145. Twenty-five of the cases are active, and 120 have been removed from isolation. There has been one death related to COVID-19 reported in Livingston County.

The Harrison County Health Department’s COVID-19 Dashboard shows 107 total confirmed cases, which is an increase of two. Twelve of the cases are active, and 94 have been removed from isolation. One death related to COVID-19 has been reported in Harrison County.