Grundy Electric Cooperative members asked to conserve electricity

Grundy Electric Cooperative

Members of Grundy Electric Cooperative have been asked to safely conserve as much electricity as possible as the three-tiered system of electric cooperatives continues to do everything possible to meet record demand for electricity driven by extreme subzero temperatures throughout a large portion of the country.

On February 16, Associated Electric Cooperative, the power supplier for six regional generation and transmission cooperatives and 51 distribution cooperatives, including Grundy Electric Cooperative, asked its member systems to urge consumer-members to safely conserve as much electricity as possible. The key goal for requesting conservation efforts is to prevent the need to implement controlled service interruptions in the event overall electric demand exceeds available generation.

Although this unprecedented winter weather event is not over, Associated does not currently plan to implement controlled service interruptions. The situation continues to be monitored closely and members will be notified as soon as possible of changes.

We ask consumer-members to continue safely conserving as much electricity as possible as we work through this weather event. The quick action of members over the last 24 hours to reduce loads and conserve electricity has prevented system outages and is greatly appreciated.

With no plans to interrupt service at this time, we remind members to call 1-800-279-2249 if an outage occurs.

The employees of Grundy Electric Cooperative, NW Electric Power Cooperative, and Associated Electric Cooperative continue to do everything possible to ensure safe and reliable power for members.