Grundy County Sheriff reports several arrests

Grundy County Sheriff, Trenton, Missouri
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Several arrests are in this mornings’ report from the Grundy County Sheriffs Office.

33-year-old Jennifer Boullion of Laclede faces two felony counts stemming from a January 29th arrest by the Highway Patrol. She is accused of possession of methamphetamine and resisting arrest for a felony. Bond is 20 thousand dollars cash.

25-year-old Spickard resident, Cody Gormley, faces a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a minor child March 30th. According to the warrant, Gormley is accused of falling asleep while children went unsupervised while walking along a road. Bond is five thousand dollars cash.

36-year-old Trenton resident, Lucas Griffin, has been accused of violating a protection order for an adult on April 10th. Bond is 25 hundred dollars cash.

24-year-old Stetson Turley of Trenton faces a charge of misuse of the emergency phone system on May 8th. Turley is accused, in the warrant, of calling the State Highway Patrol emergency phone number for what authorities say was not an emergency situation. Bond is 15 hundred dollars cash.

Ms. Boullion, along with Gormley, Griffin, and Turley are scheduled for the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court on May 24th.

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