Grundy County Sheriff publishes new list of “Most Wanted” names

Most Wanted news graphic

The Grundy County Sheriff has published a new “Most Wanted” list, this time, profiling names that begin with J, K, and L.

It is believed that most of these subjects are no longer in the area.

If you know the whereabouts of the below-wanted subjects please call the Sheriff’s Office with your information. 660-359-2828. 

Jacobi, Lester Brown W/M/62 No Ins/Fail to Reg. M.V.
Johnson, Timothy Lynn W/M/60 DWI

Kane, Michael H. W/M/85 Bad Checks
Kately, Drake Andrew W/M/24 Burglary
Kelch, Brandon W/M/25 DWI, Poss of marijuana
Keller, Christopher Gene W/M/37 Theft/Stealing
Keller, Melissa E. W/F/33 Bad Checks
Kempf, Robin Joseph W/M/50 Viol. Prot. Order
King, Tammy R. W/F/? Bad Checks
Kinslow, Michael T. W/M/26 Bad Checks
Kirkwood, Crawford W/M/61 Exceeded Speed
Kliehauer, Brandon K. W/M/ 19 Prop Damage
Kosse, Lonnie R. W/M/47 Domestic Assault.
Kramer, Holly Marie W/F/38 Bad Checks
Kyger, Joseph Ross W/M/60 Fail to Reg. MV/ No Ins

Lamp, Kaleb Nathaniel W/M/34 Bad Checks
Lane, Jody W/F/46 Bad Checks
Lansdown, Tammy W/F/37 Bad Checks
Lara, Ana Lidia H/F/31 No Financl. Respons.
Lee, Kenneth Ryan W/M/54 Stealing W/O Consent
Leslie, Tara Sue W/F/34 FTA – Financ. Respons.
Levis, Carrie F. W/F/38 Bad Checks
Lone, James Earl W/M/40 Forgery x5
Loghry, John Michael W/M/ 18 Speeding/No Title
Lopez, Jonathan A. H/M/18 Drug Paraphernalia
Loucks, Timothy M. W/M/32 Peace Disturbance
Lundy Jr., Mark E. W/M/ 32 DWI/Bad Checks

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