Grundy County Sheriff Arrests Three

Three arrests are in today’s report from the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department.

Ninteen year old Dillon Pratt of Trenton faces four counts of tampering with a motor vehicle in the first degree. Pratt is accused of acting in concert with one or more

persons to deface four motor vehicles January 20th and 22nd.

Authorities reported a car belonging to Kristyn Menendez was defaced twice. Others were vehicles belonging to Brandon Maberry and Tyler Warren.

Fifty three year old Gary Hanes of Trenton has been charged with possession of a

controlled substance – methamphetamine – on February 18th.

Thirty five year old Adam Sager of Trenton has been charged with abuse of a child.

Authorities accuse Sager, between January 1st and 5th, of inflicting cruel and inhumane punishment on a child less than 17 years old by allegedly grabbing the child by the ears causing bruising.

Bonds for Pratt, Hanes, and Sager are 15 thousand dollars cash for each.

They are to appear February 23, in associate division of the Grundy County Circuit Court.