Grundy County sales tax totals running behind last year

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

After eight months of the calendar year, Grundy County sales taxes are running approximately $1,200 behind the pace for revenues that were received last year.

Each of the sales tax funds so far this year tops $312,000 thousand dollars.

Grundy County (half a cent) sales taxes are for general revenue, ambulance service, and law enforcement.

A public hearing is next Tuesday morning on a proposed tax levy for Grundy County. The new rate is almost 18 and a quarter cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

The tax rate ceiling is 39 cents but 19 point six cents is the amount of the levy reduction due to a sales tax rollback.

With$ 635,000 thousand dollars in new construction, revenue derived from the 18 cent tax levy amounts to $1,157. Assessed valuation involving real estate, personal property, railroad and utilities tops $124,000,000 in Grundy County this year.

The public hearing is at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning August 16th in the county commission room, second floor of the Courthouse and is  open to all citizens.