Grundy County reports 9 new cases of COVID-19; Sullivan County 3 new cases

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

The Grundy County Health Department reports nine new COVID-19 cases were added on May 26th, which is the most cases in a single day since January 31st. The total number of cases is 1,102. Eight hundred forty-nine cases have been confirmed, and 22 are active.

Twenty-three point one percent of Grundy County residents are fully vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccine is available at the health department, Hy-Vee Pharmacy, and Wright Memorial Physicians Group.

The Grundy County Health Department notes that cases are surging in Livingston and Linn counties. The Livingston County Health Center’s update on May 26th showed 25 cases had been added since May 25th, bringing the total to 1,663. One hundred forty-one cases were active. The Linn County Health Department’s weekly update on May 24th indicated 118 cases were active, and there were 1,360 total.

The Grundy County Health Department encourages residents to return to the basics, and stay home if they are ill, wash hands frequently, wear masks while indoors, and get vaccinated.

The Sullivan County Health Department the night of May 26th confirmed three positive COVID-19 cases, which raises the total to 870.

Three cases are active. There have been 15 COVID-19-related deaths.

Twenty-six point two percent of Sullivan County residents have completed vaccination.

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