Grundy County on track to see $500,000 in the coffers for each category of sales tax if trend continues

Sales Tax

With an influx of quarterly payments, Grundy County sales tax figures continue to be considerably ahead of the pace of one year ago.

The report received today (Monday) shows the year-to-date sales tax collections of nearly $255,000 in each of three categories, general revenue, law enforcement, and the ambulance service. The figures are almost $21,000 per category, greater than in the first six months of last year. That’s roughly an eight percent increase in the county-wide sales tax collections. Increases in sales tax revenue have been noted each month this year.

The June receipts, including quarterly payments, top $57,000 for each of the three funds. Back in March, the sales tax figures, including annual, quarterly, and monthly payments, were over $54,000 in each fund.

If the pace continues for sales tax collections, Grundy County, by the end of this year, will have received sales tax revenues of more than $500,00 in each category.

Each county sales tax is one-half of one percent.

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