Grundy County Nursing Home District Board of Directors reviews employee retirement options

Sunnyview Nursing Home

The Grundy County Nursing Home District Board of Directors completed its biannual review of employee retirement benefit options at its meeting this week.

Retirement benefits are offered to full-time employees or part-time employees who work at least 15 hundred hours annually through the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System.

The board updated the nursing home district’s plan to allow the Rule of 80 to be applied when determining the eligibility age of an employee for retirement. The Rule of 80 allows employees to retire when their age plus years of service equals 80.

The board discussed work on energy projects involving upgrading the boiler to a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system and window replacement.

Guests, residents, and family members attended the nursing home board’s meeting to discuss opportunities for improvement with the dining experience for residents. Plans were made to purchase a new oven for the nursing home and look at the requirements for opening up the apartment’s kitchen for more meal preparation.

The board went into a closed session.