Grundy County Nursing Home Board Meets

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At a meeting of the Grundy County Nursing Home District Board, members approved a program that begins to provide adult day care services at the nursing home for a limited number of clients.

Plans also including pursing state licensing for the ability of adding an additional number of clients as soon as possible.

Board members approved a plan to allow the Residential Care Facility to begin immediately accepting applications from qualified Medicaid eligible applicants.

It’s noted the residential care facility is licensed to accept Medicaid payments.

The Board discussed staff education opportunities with an emphasis, according to Sunnyview Administrator Donita Youtsey, on improving the resident’s experience and care, as well as employee retention.

The nursing home board discussed the 30 cent tax levy proposed for the November election in Grundy County ballot. It also heard a report on activities the tax levy committee will be planning. яндекс

Donita Youtsey presented reports. Highlights included activities completed by the Path Changers, an in-house group of residents and staff members who are addressing the change in culture in nursing home care. Path Changers set goals

and raise funds to accomplish their goals.

According to Ms. Youtsey, goals include re-painting and re-decorating the Golden Oldies Avenue shower room to make it more “spa” like. This month’s fund raiser included candy grams for residents and staff. Next month’s fund raiser is massages for families, staff and residents.

Interested residents, family, or community members can contact the Sunnyview business office at 359-5647.

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