Grundy County Museum to feature “Chairs with Stories” exhibit

Grundy County Museum Website

The Grundy County Museum of Trenton will have other exhibits on display beside this year’s feature exhibit of Chairs with Stories.

Linda Overton with the Grundy County Historical Society Board says one display shows a dugout canoe some men found sticking out of the bank of the river near Spickard about 40 years ago. The canoe was treated to stay like it is, and if anything happened to the Grundy County Museum, it is to go to the Smithsonian Museum. Overton notes the canoe is now about 200 years old.

The Grundy County Museum also has several cabinets full of Indian artifacts, which she says were mostly found in the area. The Indian artifacts exhibit is the museum’s biggest collection. Overton says there is also a working windmill outside of the museum that pumps water from a circulating pump and there are smaller pieces of farm equipment inside.

The Grundy County Museum also has a train caboose with a working horn as well as an annex with military displays and the Baker one-room school.

The museum will open for the season following a flag-raising ceremony Memorial Day at 10 o’clock and be open until 4:30. Regular hours are Saturdays and Sundays and holidays from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon through the Missouri Day Festival in October.

Admission costs $2.00 for adults and is free for children 12 years old and younger as well as military.