Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee holds lengthy meeting

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee approved the budget as proposed at a meeting Tuesday.

Secretary Kelli Hillerman reports anticipated expenses for the local emergency planning committee include nearly 26 hundred dollars ($2,565) for Hazardous Materials dues, $200 for training, and $100 each for meetings and Tier 2 (II) notices, for a total of almost $3,000.

Chairperson Glen Briggs says anticipated revenues total about 25 hundred dollars as a lump sum from the State of Missouri. Grundy County helps fund the committee if needed. The committee approved moving its meetings to quarterly.

Hillerman says upcoming meetings will be held April 9th, July 9th, and October 8th.

The local emergency planning committee also voted to retain the current chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary position assignments. Glen Briggs remains chairperson, Matt Walker stays vice chairperson, and Kelli Hillerman stays secretary.

Multiple partner reports were presented during the Emergency Management Agency/All Hazards meeting. Briggs reported an Emergency Management Performance Grant mini-grant application was submitted which included a request for purchasing a Gator utility vehicle.

Brandon Gibler with the Trenton Fire Department reported financing was approved for the development of the training ground. He expects the setting of the burn tower in the third quarter.

Alan Barnett with the Community Emergency Response Team and North Central Missouri College reported CERT members have been presented with an opportunity to set up Western Shelter tents as part of an emergency preparedness exercise.

Hillerman, representing the Grundy County Health Department, shared information regarding an anticipated Partner Readiness Evaluation Program visit to be held this spring in conjunction with the Public Health Emergency Preparedness contract.

Region H Security Oversight Committee Chairperson Adam Perry with the Livingston County Emergency Management Agency said there would be an Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Disaster Management training at the Chillicothe Fire Department Training Room February 28th.

State Emergency Management Agency Region H Area Coordinator Mike Booth reported on the discussion of prepositioning and storage of a tent in each region to shorten resource response time, for the safety of the resource, and for ease of logistics management.

Booth said a spring or summer exercise with tents is possible and also reported upcoming conference and meeting dates.

Region H Homeland Security Regional Response System/Hazmat Team Director Bill Brinton presented information on the Response System/Hazmat Annual Report.