Grundy County Learning Center adopts new name

Grundy County Opportunity Center

The Grundy County Learning Center at the intersection of 26th Street and Princeton Road in Trenton has become the Grundy County Opportunity Center.

Director Ruth Ebersold says one of the reasons for the name change is the center is a workplace for adults with developmental disabilities, not a school. Mike Bower from Five Points Creative Studio is credited with coming up with the new name.

Individuals at the center do various jobs, including shredding, mailing, sign making, and building circuit boards for Global Instruments. Those at the center will do just about any job, and businesses are invited to contact the center about doing jobs, with the cost to be negotiated.

The Opportunity Center has not received state or federal funding since 2016. Ebersold says the board made good financial decisions, the center had some savings, and there has been some funding through Families and Friends of the Developmentally Disabled of Grundy County and Senate Bill 40 tax money. A “tiny bit” goes into overhead and for operating costs.

The center is a 501(c)3, and donations are tax-exempt there are also sponsorships for workers available. Citizens wanting to work at the Opportunity Center have to go there and fill out an application. The number of positions is full now, but there is a waiting list.

The center is generally open weekdays from 8 o’clock to 2:30, and visitors are welcome during that time. Contact the Grundy County Opportunity Center to set up a job for a business or for more information on working there at 660-359-6655.