Grundy County Health Department: Flu season “on the downhill side”

Flu Season

Kelli Hillerman with the Grundy County Health Department believes this year’s flu season is “on the downhill side”.

She says this flu season followed the typical pattern of most with activity increasing in November and a sharp increase from December through February and notes the exact number of flu cases each year is not known because not everyone who has the illness seeks medical care or gets tested for it.

Hillerman says that Grundy County saw its first flu case of the year in October. She says the cases slowly increased until there were over 100 confirmed cases in January and more than 150 cases in February. There were close to 70 confirmed cases in March.

Hillerman explains there were more Influenza B cases than A cases in December, January and February were close to equal with the number of A and B cases, and March had more A cases.

She says the health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend individuals six months old and older receive flu shots each year.

Hillerman adds that the Grundy County Health Department has higher doses of flu shots available for senior citizens.