Grundy County Health Department and Health Officer Elizabeth Gibson issues “Public Health Order”

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Public Health Order

The Grundy County Health Department and Health Officer Elizabeth Gibson have issued a Public Health Order requiring face coverings or masks to be worn to prevent or limit the spread of COVID-19. The order goes into effect on December 11th. Gibson notes the intent of the order is to create safer environments for all residents and visitors. It will remain in effect for 60 days and be reviewed monthly.

The order says all persons at least 10 years old are required to wear face coverings when in contact with others who are not household members. All public facilities and businesses should post signs at all entrances that face-coverings or masks are required to be worn inside the facilities or businesses.

Exceptions for the face covering or mask requirement include while outdoors or exercising indoors when able to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others and while at home exclusively in the presence of household members. However, wearing a face-covering will be required in all common areas of any multifamily structure.

Other exceptions include when in your or your family’s personal vehicle while eating or drinking when inside or in the outside dining area of a restaurant or other establishment that offers food or beverage service, and persons who should not wear face coverings due to a medical or mental health condition, developmental disability, or are otherwise covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Face coverings are not required when any party to a communication is deaf or hard of hearing while obtaining a service that requires temporary removal of the face covering, when necessary to confirm an individual’s identity when federal or state law prohibits wearing one or requires its removal when requested by a law enforcement officer or medical provider, and when in a business, a commercial, or an office setting and not within six feet of others. The order also says face coverings are not required to be worn by persons working in settings which might increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Violation of the order is in violation of Missouri statute (192.300 (4),  which states “Any person, firm, corporation or association which violates any of the orders or ordinances adopted, promulgated and published by such county commission is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be prosecuted, tried and fined as otherwise provided by law.  The county commission or county health board of any such county has full power and authority to initiate the prosecution of any action under this section.”

The full text of the order is available by clicking HERE. (document will open in a new browser)  The full text of the order is also available on the Grundy County Health Department’s website.  Additional details about the order in general, are also available on the Grundy County Health Department website. Currently, at the time of this publication, Missouri’s Risk Category is Level 1: Extreme Risk.