Grundy County Extension Council to move to new office

Trenton Chamber of Commerce

The Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony next week for the Grundy County Extension Council’s new office on the North Central Missouri College campus in Trenton.

The ceremony will be held in the basement meeting room of the Alexander Student Center the morning of April 27th at 11:45. Associate Extension Professional Meridith Berry says the ribbon cutting will include a celebration, a meet and greet, and refreshments.

NCMC President Doctor Lenny Klaver invited the Extension to move to the campus several months ago. Berry says the Extension Council approved the move in February, and the move from the courthouse in Trenton to the Alexander Student Center began in March.

The best way to contact Grundy County Extension for more information on the ribbon cutting or its new location is to come by, email her at [email protected], or email the office at [email protected].