Grundy County Extension Council elects officers

Grundy County Extension Council

The Grundy County Extension Council discussed the new council election at a special meeting Monday.

The council appointed Carol Hein, Josh Marshall, Mindy Schneiderheinze, Loretta Ray, and Kelli Wilson to fill one-year terms.

An election of new officers was also held. Officers elected included Sarah Lowrey as chairperson; Carol Hein, vice chair; Mike Witten, treasurer; and Josh Marshall as secretary. The council voted for a bank signature authority shift change.

Meridith Berry with Extension reported there are two paid opening for county council members to attend the Council to Campus meeting. Berry previously said the two-day meeting would be held at the University of Missouri in Columbia in late March. If more than two members want to attend, the council would need to approve funding for them at the March 4th meeting.