Grundy County Commission submits grant for outdated 911 equipment

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission accepted bids for fuel and concrete on Tuesday morning.

Fuel bids were accepted from Landes Oil and MFA. Both are for five cents off the pump price for gasoline and diesel.

Fischer Concrete Services, LLC’s bid was accepted for concrete. The cost will be $123 per cubic yard for six bag mix and $139 per cubic yard for eight bag mix. Fischer was the only bid submitted for concrete.

During the Emergency Management portion of the commission meeting, it was announced a Missouri Department of Public Safety Grant has been submitted for replacement of outdated 911 call handling equipment at an estimated total of $144,366.99. The grant is a 60/40 split between the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Missouri Department of Public Safety and local match funds. The program is to provide funding to eligible sub-recipients for costs associated with the next phase of hardware, software, and hosted services associated with enabling Next Generation 911 calls to be received, processed, and dispatched.

Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs reported an application has been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission for 911 radio licensing.  The application deadline will remain open for the Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Declaration regarding COVID-19. It is a response-based emergency.

Projects are being submitted for reimbursement upon completion and approval for the FEMA Disaster Declaration regarding severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding from last year.

The Grundy County Road and Bridge Department is performing hydraulic maintenance on the track loader. The crew has also worked on a bridge project on Northeast 105th Street.

Elizabeth Gibson with the Grundy County Health Department reported during a conference call that there are no confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in the county. The health department is reviewing Governor Mike Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery plan and assisting citizens and businesses with safety plans.