Grundy County Commission signs documents relating to Streambank Stabilization Project

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission digitally signed a document on May 25th regarding the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Streambank Stabilization project near the Thompson River Bridge on Highway 6.

Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray reports the document will allow the State Highways and Transportation Commission to allocate 12.5%, or $43,750, for the project that will then go in as the Missouri Department of Transportation matches the local funds brought by the Grundy County Industrial Development Corporation. The funds from MoDOT will be available after the State Highways and Transportation Commission’s July 1st meeting.

Ray says the IDC’s 12.5% and MoDOT’s 12.5% will equal 25% of the cost share of the project, which is $87,500. The NRCS is to fund the other 75% of the project. The project’s total cost is expected to be $350,000.

The Grundy County Commission applied for cost-share last fall, and it was approved later last year. The cost-share does not include extended work MoDOT is doing outside of the Streambank Stabilization project.

Ray notes the Grundy County Commission signing the document May 25th does not commit the Commission to spending the funds until bids come in. Bids still have to be let and accepted.

The Grundy County Commission visited four townships on May 25th for site inspections: Liberty, Meyers, Lincoln, and Trenton. Ray says the commission will visit all townships in the coming weeks to look at brush, culvert, and bridge projects.

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