Grundy County Commission presented update on Muddy Creek Bridge repairs

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

Decker and Associates have announced Southwest 80th Avenue in Grundy County is anticipated to be closed December 14th through April 14th due to construction of an off-system bridge replacement and rehabilitation project. The announcement was made at the Grundy County Commission meeting on November 24th.

No formal business was conducted at the meeting due to a lack of a quorum. Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray was present.

Trenton City Administrator Ron Urton presented bid information on repairs being made to the Muddy Creek Bridge on 28th Street. Grundy County is involved in the project due to BRO funding used to initially construct the bridge. The county portion of the project totals $49,510.

Ray, Commissioner Don Sager, and Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs participated in a teleconference with Green Hills Regional Planning Commission representative Jennifer Wyckoff to revise hazard mitigation plans. A statewide survey format was used, which involves outline questions on zoning, ordinances, emergency preparation, labor shed, and recovery mitigation processes.

University of Missouri Extension County Engagement Specialist in Agriculture and Environment Carlee Quinn presented information on available programs through Extension. Quinn will hold a Missouri farm tax workshop on the evening of December 1st at 6 o’clock. Contact the Grundy County Extension Office for more information at 359-6580.

Quinn will also start as the Grundy County Engagement Specialist on January 1st.