Grundy County Commission opens bids for bridge construction

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission opened five bids on the morning of Tuesday, July 7th for a bridge to be constructed on Southwest 80th Street. The bids were from Decker Services of Lathrop for $520,897.05, Widel Incorporated of Blackwater for $522,562.62, Boone Construction Company of Columbia for $559,571.13, Brookfield Box and Bridge for $565,078.75, and MS Contracting of Brookfield for $613,401.72. The Howe Company previously estimated the project cost at $492,806.

Howe Company Project Engineer Shannon Howe was present for the opening of the bids and noted all submitting firms supplied a bid bond with their packets. Twenty percent of the total project will utilize county funds, and the remaining 80% will be paid with state and federal funding.

Commissioner Don Sager says the Howe Company will review the submitted bids before the county commission approves a bid for the bridge project. He anticipates the commission will approve a bid at next week’s meeting.

Work continues on Road and Bridge Department projects regarding a Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster involving severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding last year. Project completions have been submitted to FEMA regarding funding for a bridge deck repair on Southeast 98th Avenue. Repairs are underway on back wall erosion on a bridge on Northeast Talc Lane. The Road and Bridge crew will add fill around a culvert on Northwest 60th as a result of flooding last year. The damages are being submitted to FEMA for funding approval.

Planning has started for this year’s countywide disaster preparedness drill. The exercise will go over the response of local officials and agencies to a hazardous materials incident. The Center for Medicaid Services requires annual exercises for any entity that receives Medicaid funding.

Ambulance Director Steve Tracy reported information was being gathered to replace cardiac monitors for Grundy County ambulances. The existing monitors are at the end of their service life and will require replacement in the near future.

The Grundy County Health Department submitted information to the commission noting Grundy County had its first COVID-19-related death.

Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray participated in a Next Generation 911 Grant Compliance Workshop Monday, July 6th. The discussion covered audit requirements, procurement policies, and documentation to complete the grant award and implementation of hardware and software systems.